meeting with the Oncologist-April 25

April 25
Thursday was very very long, added to it by waiting for my Oncologist for over an hour and a half. Both Richard and my stress levels were out the window. then finally when we got in, the resident went over everything we already knew. We asked her to stop, we already knew this, we needed to know what was next. So more waiting. FInally Dr. Shridar came in and we found out the plan. She met with the pathologist about my equivable HER2 status, and it was decided that it was ever so slightly on the positive side and that I would benefit from being on Herceptin. This ruled out any type of oncotying, and my chemo was going to be a 3 cycle regime of FEC with a 3 weeks in between and then 3 cycles of DH, with 3 weeks in between. After each chemo I would get a shot the next day of Neulasta to help boost my white blood cells. I will still have radiation after chemo, and herceptin continues every 3 weeks for a year.
It was a lot to absorb.


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