My Family

Two posts in one day!

It seems that there are times when just saying your family has been so special in a post is not enough.  I really should have made it far more clear how important they were to me this year, instead of simply writing “2013 brought a new meaning to the word Family”

So let’s start with my husband Richard

  • he was my rock this year.  I really couldn’t have got through all of this without him
  • he made sure I stayed in the moment, and didn’t get ahead of myself
  • he made sure I didn’t read what I wasn’t supposed to, and I know he stayed up researching everything when I wasn’t looking
  • he kept the family functioning when I was not able to 
  • cancer brought us closer and made us realize what is important and what’s not
  • I thank you and I love you

My girls Carly & Hailey

  • telling them I had cancer was truly one of the hardest things I had to do last year, much harder than actually getting chemo.
  • they were my reason for fighting
  • they were the ones that made me understand that chemo was for making sure it didn’t come back.
  • they kept it all real for me and did not let me be a cancer victim
  • I thank you and I love you

My Mom

  • when you’re a Mom, the last thing you ever want is for your child to get sick, doesn’t matter what age you are
  • when you’re a Mom that has had cancer and now is watching her own daughter go through it treatment, I think it’s harder on many levels
  • my Mom, jumped into “mom mode” as soon as I told her what was going on
  • I thank you and i love you

Nava & Wayne

  • they were the first to always offer to take me to the hospital, call to see if I was ok, and drop off food without ever asking what I needed
  • yes, cancer brought us closer.  I spent a lot of time with Nava at the hospital, and had some very special time in Israel with Wayne this summer
  • I love you and I thank you

Jeffrey & Naomi

  • my diagnosis was really difficult on my brother and sister in law.  
  • With a new baby, my beautiful niece Piper, their time was occupied with all good things, and the beautiful smiles from my niece.
  • but when it counted, there were there
  • I love you and I thank you

Auntie Nessie

  • Although you were in Winnipeg, you were there every step of the way
  • Your messages, texts, and the meals you sent meant the world to me
  • I love you and I thank you

I am so grateful to have the family that I do, and their strength and love took me through some really dark days.

I’m looking forward to sharing wonderful happy times that will make us all smile in 2014

Love you ❤




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