My Birthday

Birthdays are a funny thing.  We all know they happen once a year, and we all know when ours is coming.  And of course everyone around us makes a big deal over them.  We also all take our birthdays for granted.

When you’ve had cancer or any other life threatening thing happen to you, you realize that nothing in life can ever be taken for granted again.  Kind of takes some of the innocence of birthdays out of the equation forever.  We’re just happy to have them!!

So, I’m a year older, and for someone who has had cancer…we celebrate rather than worry about the number.  My friends, my wonderful amazing friends and family, both those physically and those virtually in my life sent me awesome good wishes.  They kept coming in by phone, email, text and Facebook!  Thank you!  My blackberry didn’t stop pinging all day!  I loved each and everyone.  Made me understand that I am alive, and will keep on living.

 I had Cancer, it did not have me… goes on….and so do birthdays!!

The timing of my birthday this year (although it is the same every year 😉 ) has a little more meaning to me than it has in past years. Being on Dec 18th, only 2 weeks before the end of the year, always meant I could contemplate the coming year. Never has that been more significant than this year.  But that’s for another blog…..I’m not sure I’m ready to write about that yet.

Happy Birthday to me….yay!



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