My bra :)

Well…if the title of this post didn’t catch your attention, I’m not sure what will…LOL!

When you’ve gone through surgery for breast cancer, then chemotherapy, and radiation, there are milestones that make you smile. They might seem crazy to most people, but to all of us that have been through this, I know you will smile and chuckle a little at this post.


No more “grandma” bras because of surgery, no more “grandma” bras because of radiation.

Special thanks goes out to Rhonda at Legs Plus and Bra Boutique on Leslie north of Finch.  Rhonda helped me find a bra I could wear after surgery, and then another bra for during and after radiation.  Most people don’t realize that these are the types of things that we have to consider.  When you have small breasts, its not as hard to find these things as when you have larger ones!

I loved it when the nurses would tell me…oh just go without a bra!!  Well, needless to say, “my girls” need support, so that wasn’t happening in my world.  Plus did I mention that I worked through all my treatment….braless just wasn’t going to happen.  And then they tell you, “get a sportsbra”  again great for the small chested woman…but us more endowed woman, well picture yourself with a shelf for a chest…not a pretty picture….and again did I mention I worked through all my treatment.

So….Rhonda helped me and “my girls” be the best they could with the challenges we faced 🙂

Next stop….back to see Rhonda and get myself a very pretty new wonderful bra!!



4 thoughts on “My bra :)

  1. Great milestone, must feel good to get your sexy back, not that you lost it, more like put it on hold for a bit!
    Treat yourself to a whole new set, sexy bottoms to go with the sexy top!

  2. K Mickeler says:

    ROFLMAO, you’re just too funny😂

    Enjoy, I understand thus landmark occasion!

    Kathy 💞

    sent from my iPad ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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