Herceptin #8


Felt good to just go, get plugged in, spend some time with my fav nurse Manny at PMCC, and then leave 🙂

You meet all kinds of people while in Chemo Daycare, and you realize that cancer really plays no favourites at all.  I was in an area where there were 6 of us.  One gentleman was from Italy, and clearly had not lacked from anything in his life, one man thought he was really funny with his loud comments (he wasn’t) , one young woman was there for her first chemo, and another woman a little older than me, half way through.  You kind of become all one big group sharing your life for the time you’re there.  

I got up to leave, and it was like saying good bye to a group of friends 🙂  They all said…”so soon”…I had to laugh!

After the Herceptin, I went to the One of a Kind show with Nava.  All we did was eat and buy some serving pieces.  It’s what we do.  It was nice to have a day for me.

In January, I get a new Oncologist, Dr. Warr.  When I was at PMCC for my Herceptin, I saw him.  He had a kind face, so that made me smile.  So I’m hoping that a new Oncologist and a new year, are a great new start to 2014.  There was nothing wrong with my old Oncologist, she just split her time between 2 types of cancers, as did Dr. Warr, so now she has chosen to specialize in the other kind, and Dr. Warr is specializing in breast cancer.  So I’m guessing that’s a good thing.

Jeffrey is on the mend.  Needless to say, he’s tired, but he’s taking it all a day a time.

It was great to have my Mom here for a few days, and get caught up!!

I hope you’re all having an awesome weekend!!




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