Helping a friend in need

I really couldn’t have said this any better myself, so Stephanie, I hope you don’t mind me reblogging your post as I think we are totally on the same wavelength.
The thing that was the best for me was when I would come home and there were meals, cookies, muffins, noodle puddings, Frappacinno’s waiting. I was blessed by so many friends and family with all those, and baskets.
There were lots of baskets of goodies for my girls, and that was really wonderful. So much focus was on me, it was nice when someone remembered them. Or when someone took my husband out for a drink…he really needed it!
I found it hard, and still do to ask for help, and if people asked what I needed, I found myself saying, “nothing” all is good”. For me, it was better when people “just did it”, and I appreciated each an everyone of those goodies.

pass me another cupcake

I’ve often thought of sharing a list of “what not to say to someone who has cancer.” However, I’ve seen many of these lists before and I know they can be somewhat harsh and make people feel like there is not a single thing they can do that is right when someone they care about is sick. So instead, I think it might be more productive to do a “how to help someone who has cancer” list.


Anyone who has been following along since the beginning of the blog knows that I loooooved getting gifts while undergoing cancer treatment. Presents are awesome even when you’re feeling great, but they’re extra awesome when you’re feeling lousy. Sometimes the only thing that would make me smile on a terrible day was hearing the doorbell ring and seeing a box waiting for me. There was one day when I had multiple…

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One thought on “Helping a friend in need

  1. Steph says:

    Thanks Randy, I am glad you are sharing it! xo

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