2 thoughts on “I’m SO happy to be NEGATIVE!!!!

  1. jodi wylde says:

    Hi Randy. Glad to hear your news. I was just with my friend Julie Liddle and I was mentioning to her that I have to get a portacath put in on Tuesday and that I’m afraid. My veins aren’t handling the needles and treatment. She suggested to talk to you about it since you have one. Does it hurt?

    • randymellon says:

      Hi Jodi, I got a portocath after chemo #3, and I wished I had listened to everyone and done it sooner. I ended up with thrombosis in one vein, and they were all collapsing. I still had 3 chemos to go and 18 Herceptin. I’m so glad I did it. Yes, there is a scar, and yes it’s there, but yes, it’s so easy now. Please go back through my blogs and read about what I posted when I was thinking about it and when I did it. It was a hard decision, they all are, but it was the right one for sure. It didn’t hurt, (other than I reacted to the tape they used) and it doesn’t hurt.

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