Tattooed and waiting….

“They” say waiting is the hardest part….and whoever “they” are, are right!!

Although I must admit, this is not as hard as it was waiting for my initial results from my biopsy, which seems like a lifetime ago.  Well…actually it was, it was my life before cancer, which is much different than my life after cancer.

Anyway, I had my BRCA blood test taken about 3 weeks ago, and they did say it would be a month till I had the results, and it’s not yet a month.  So, they aren’t late, I’m just anxious.

Last week, I went for my tattoos, yes, you read me right.  Never thought I would EVER be saying that.  Haha…I’m guessing I should listen to myself when I tell people, never say never, because you never know 🙂  I have 4 tattoos that mark me ready for radiation.  I’m all set to go.  As long as the BRCA test comes back negative.  So here’s to keeping everything in my body crossed for negative.  Then I will have 25 radiation sessions.  Another reminder that my cancer was aggressive.  If it wasn’t, then it would be 16, but I get the deluxe package. Lucky me!

I find it amazing how such a small tumour can cause such havoc in my life.  I don’t even want to think about what could have been if it was not caught.

I’m staying busy, my energy level is really good, and I’ve been getting lots of stuff done at work that I’ve not been able to do in months, and that makes me feel good.  My memory is another issue.  Chemo Fog is what they call it,  I just laugh, when I can’t remember people’s names that I’ve known for years!  Wonder how long I will be able to use the excuse of chemo brain before people start to think I’m suffering from dementia!

It’s crazy, I finished chemo over 4 weeks ago, and now I’ve been getting the side effects of everything tasting like metal, even chocolate!!!  That is just not acceptable…LOL!  I can only laugh. (I try and do a lot of that, it’s much better than crying).  Really cold things seem to be ok, but everything else just tastes yucky, and I feel like all I do is suck on really strong mints all day.  After this is all over, I will have major tooth decay to deal with. 😦

The other side affect that is really pissing me off is a bloated feeling every time I eat. Quite honestly, it’s really annoying.  I feel like I’m gaining 1000 lbs, and for those of you that know me well….well that just is not a good thing. That along with a constant nauseous feeling and heartburn makes me really cranky.  Hopefully that will all subside soon.

Other than all that….I’m doing fine.

Waiting for the phone to ring to find out when I can come in and find out my next step….  Please keep your fingers and toes crossed for NEGATIVE…and I’ll take all your prayers and wishes along with that…Please and thanks!



8 thoughts on “Tattooed and waiting….

  1. Corinna says:

    Pictures of the tatts? The rule is “pics or it didn’t happen”. 🙂 Prayers your way for a clean BRCA result!

  2. The only POSITIVE result on a test that I loved getting was when the doc told me I was pregnant!!! LOL!! I will definitely pray that yours is NEGATIVE!!!! Stay strong!!! Lots of hugs and good thoughts coming your way!!


  3. jodi kimm says:

    Fingers everywhere crossed!

  4. Deneen says:

    All digits crossed! Take care! Xoxo

  5. Crystal says:

    Thinking of you. Fingers crossed it’s negative.

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