Weekend to End Woman’s Cancers starts TOMORROW!!!!

For the 11th time, I will be walking the 60km Weekend to End Woman’s Cancers!  This year, I will be walking as a Survivor with my girls by my side.

I just came home from the Opening Ceremonies rehearsal where I will be one of 6 walking in the Survivors Circle representing all the Survivors.  I am honored to represent the most incredible, compassionate and resilient group of woman that I have ever met.

I know this weekend is going to be over the top on the emotional scale.  It’s an important weekend for me and my family.  With the Jewish New Year’s today and yesterday and tomorrow the walk, it represents a new beginning, and a victory over the past year.   Perhaps this weekend I will get a little more clarity on this journey I’m on.

I’m going to try and savour all the moments, happy ones and emotional ones.  

I’m going to see people that I’ve only spoken with, or chatted with on Facebook, and people, or people I’ve only seen once through all this, that have been part of my journey.  I’m very excited for that part of this weekend.

There will be lots of hugging and lots of tears.  And all that is good.  Feeling your emotions is such an important part of the healing process.  And that’s where I’m at right now, so the timing for the walk is perfect!

To all the walkers, crew, volunteers and staff, thank you for everything you do to help put an end to woman’s cancers!  I can’t wait to see you all! 


4 thoughts on “Weekend to End Woman’s Cancers starts TOMORROW!!!!

  1. Jodi says:

    Cheers to new beginnings! Have a great weekend Randy.

  2. Nicole Hillmer says:

    Rock and Roll baby, keep on going!!!

    Sent from my iPhone

  3. Ilene says:

    It was an honour to walk with you, Carly, and Hailey this weekend. Your poise, strength and gentle smile are an inspiration to all! Wishing you a Healthy and Happy year ahead!!!

  4. randymellon says:

    Next year, we’ll do it all again Ilene! Shana Tova!

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