Chemo #4 done!

It’s been a long week, I had the PortoCath put in on Tuesday. Thanks to my good friend Andy, I went to another hospital and he took very good care of me and made sure I was a comfortable as possiblem and was able to put in a PortoCath that was compatible with also getting the Catscan injections (since I have a few more of those to go as well). As you all know, it was a difficult decision, but it was the right one. I was in a little more pain than I thought I would be the next day, but it’s all good now.
On Thursday I went to get my blood work done, and unfortunatly I was still too swollen to access it, so one last blood in my arm.
I went home and iced like crazy, there was NO way I was having chemo in my arm on Friday!

So after icing all day Thursday, and armed with an icepack on Friday, Kathy picked me up an off to the hospital for what would turn out to be a very long day, but not a bad day. I had to meet with my Oncologist first and this took a look of the time, as they don’t get the drugs ready till you’ve met with the Dr. (I ususally do this on Thursday, but she was not available). This was an important visit, as I had lots of questions around starting the new chemo drugs, reactions, prevention things, and of course most importantly, everything I needed to know about getting everything in order for Israel!! So now I’m armed an ready with everything…more on that later.

By the time I go paged to go for chemo, I had an entire entourage of friends joining Kathy and myself, it was wonderful! Louise, Eric, Lori, Christina, Karen. I really am blessed with such an amazing support system. I should note that you’re really only allowed to take one person into chemo, but oh well…off we all went…one big party!

Manny, my usual nurse was on holidays, so I didn’t know what would be doing my procedure this time, But everyone at ChemoDay are so wonderful, I knew I was in goods hands. So now the big question…the Port. It was still difficult to get in, but we called in reinforcements and on the second try with a longer access needle (I was still swollen) they got it in!!! Needless to say, a huge sigh of relief, although my blood pressure was a little high! (big surprise!)

As I said before, new drugs. So we started with Herceptin, because this is all new, they start them very slowly to make sure there is no adverse reaction. and there was none, yay! so 90 minutes later, my first of 18 Herceptins are done! Then we waited with saline for 30 minutes, and started Doxitaxol. This drug can cause allegic and adverse reactions, along with lots of other reactions laters such as loosing nails, mouth sores, finger and toe tenderness to name a few of the fun things. So again, they start it extremely slowly to make sure there is no allergy, and YAY, none! It’s a big victory. So for the next 90 minutes, I had my toes in ice bags along with my finger tips in ice. The idea is to constrict the chemo from flowing there in hopes of saving my nails. As many of you know, I have great nails, and take great pride in keeping them look great! but if I do lose them, I’ll deal with that later!

Do finally at 4:30, we were done. Thanks to Kathy for all her great friendship and patience. We actually had a really nice day together.

So now I wait, and see what the next few days bring for me, as it’s always the Monday-Thursday after that are the hardest. But this time I’m armed and ready!
-I gave myself the Neulasta shot yesterday, so I will start feeling the bone pain tomorrow. As Advil didn’t work last time, this time, I have Celebrex to get me through a few days.
-When I go to the lowest part of my week last time, Atavan didn’t work, so this time I’m armed with Ambien.
-just in case I get thrush or mouth sores, I’m armed with an antibiotic rince.
-and although Doxitaxol usually doesnt have nauseau issues, I’m armed with anti nauseau pills.
It’s crazy for someone who never took anything stronger than Advil….I look like I’m an addict!!

I have all the things I need to get my self ready for Israel. My Doctor gave me copies of all the results of tests, surgery, and all my blood work. I have a filled perscription of anti-biotics, just in case. Insurance is all paid for! and my friend Maria is coming to measure me for compression socks for the plane. Going to Israel to see Carly compete is truly what has kept me going, and I know what will take me through the next few difficult days ahead, which I know are coming.

I spent last week getting her ready with the things she needs, and she leaves on the 11th. Hailey and Richard on the 15th, and me on the 20th. More on that in an blog later.

So once again my friends….Thank-you for all your support, your messages, warm thoughts and prayers. I’m more than half way through chemo, and although I know I still have a long road ahead of me over the next year, this is probably the most difficult part. Oh I head a woman ring the bell!! That means she was finished her chemo! That will be me on August 23!

Hugs everyone!


3 thoughts on “Chemo #4 done!

  1. jodi says:

    Randy you have been so strong through this process. I will be listening for that bell.

  2. Maria Wood says:

    So glad you have a such a great support system Randy!!! You are teaching us so much, your strength inspires!

  3. deneen says:

    glad you are able to travel!! SOOOOO very happy about that! xoxoxd

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