Getting ready for tomorrow

I had a great appointment with the Oncologist today. My blood counts were perfect, and I’m good to go for tomorrow.

I also had great news yesterday. As many of you know, my daughter Carly is going to Israel this summer to represent Canada at Maccabiah in Woman’s Artistic gymnastics. Before everything happened with me, Richard, Hailey and myself were planning on making it a family vacation. Cancer put a hitch in that plan. I couldn’t imagine not being able to be there for Carly, to watch her compete in this once in a lifetime event for her. But without insurance, how could I go, did I take a chance? The administrator of our plan at work found me a company that specializes specifically in travel insurance for people in compromised health situations…and they will insure me!!!! I’m beyond elated, I almost cried when I spoke with the person on the phone.
Thanks to my brother Wayne, I have a ticket, and will be able to join my family in Israel. They will go earlier, and Wayne will fly with me so that I can be there in time for when she competes.

On a sadder note, a few days ago, Elana Waldman passed away. I had been following Elana’s story on Chatelaine, and many of my friends knew her. She was only 40, and leaves behind a young daughter. Elana had Ovarian Cancer, and battled and advocated so hard. She was taken far to early. What I didn’t know was that she literally lived down the street from me. Cancer isn’t fair, and plays no favourites, and it’s something that really hits home. I wish her family strength during this difficult time. I recommend you google her video blogs on the Chatelaine site. She was a remarkable woman, and her legacy will live on.

Getting ready for Chemo #3

I think I’ve now caught up with all the past posts and emails, and can start really blogging in real time!

Getting back to work last week wearing a wig for the first time was far more emotional than I ever imagined it would be. Everyone at my office were so amazing, and supportive, that it was ok to be a little teary….ok, I was a lot teary 😦
but I got through it. As the week went on, I was becoming more comfortable with the new me. Even starting to smile again 🙂

To be honest, I do prefer just to wear a head scarf, but that’s not always possible. I know, you’re probably saying…do what’s right for me, well..sometimes, that’s not always possible, but that’s ok.

We had a team meeting on Sat, for our amazing team for Trade Secrets and Weekend to End Woman’s Cancers. It was so good to see so many of my friends, and get the most wonderful hugs. I really am so blessed to have them in my life. Not sure how I would be getting though some of this without them. You all know who you are….big hugs

Now..I’m getting ready for round #3. This is my last of the FEC, and hopefully it will go as well as the last 2. I’ve been so lucky so far, and I hope that continues.

Chemo #2

Chemo #2, done! Felt really good all weekend, so grateful it went well. Saturday was tough, not because of the chemo, but because it was time to cut my hair and shave my head. Chemo is cruel and leaves you feeling most vulnerable and bald. Thank you to my wonderful husband for taking such good care of me and my girls for all their amazing love, kindness and support. Not sure I would have made it through this step without you all. I’m learning to embrace headscarves, and hats. Tomorrow will be my first day at work with a wig. Deep breath…one moment at a time. Thank goodness I work with an amazing and supportive team that I know have my back.

I threw a Strike!! May 14

Yesterday, throwing out the opening pitch at the Blue Jays game, was beyond thrilling! I must admit, I was nervous at first, but once I got out there, I took a deep breath, and was really calm. It was incredible looking out at everyone, and was so amazing to have SO many friends in the stands. I loved readying all your comments, and getting all your messages. Thank you everyone. Thanks to the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation for this amazing opportunity, to represent the walker and survivors for the Weekend to End Woman’s Cancers It really has been a shining light for me through this journey. I am a survivor (not a victim) and during those tough times ahead, I will watch the video of a really happy moment, that I was really happy to share with all of you. I will be wearing my new personized Blue Jays jersey for good luck, when I go for my second chemo this Friday! Hugs to everyone!

week 1 done -May 3

Week one of Treatment…check…done.
It’s a start that leads to the finish.
It’s been a week now since my first chemo. Still lots of questions and unknowns, but the first week was thank goodness, ok. By yesterday I started to recover my energy and felt much much better.
I went to work all week, and although I was tired at night, it felt good to go to work.
Richard and I tried to get out for a walk every night as well.
I know it will get harder as the treatment cycles go on, but hopefully the next 2 weeks will be fine till I start again on May 17th.
Tomorrow I’m even going to try a little run, but I’ll be happy with a really good walk, then some lunch at the Brickworks!

chemo #1 done

Chemo #1 done! Thanks for all your wonderful notes. Other than not feeling 100% Friday afternoon, and tired the rest of the weekend, I was ok.
Some special things of note, Thanks to my Louise Eisfeld who was by my side with very special and meaningful gifts, and most important, frienship. Thanks to Amanda Carleton for dropping by to say hi! Special thanks to my husband Richard Mellon for taking such good care of me! He’s even learning to cook 🙂 and of course my girls Carly Mellon & Hailey Mellon I love you all so much.
Most special of all was a visit from Karen Adams from the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation with a special invitation from the Foundation, Rogers Center, and the Blue Jays, to throw out the opening pitch at the Blue Jays game on May 14th!! I’m so excited to represent PMCF for this special day for Mothers Day week and for all conquering cancer. Now I just have to learn to throw a ball!!!