A New Day :)

The word Thank-you does not express how much all your amazing messages, texts, posts, and emails meant to me over the past 48 hours. Your positive vibes, prayers, good wishes, hugs and good thoughts all were incredible, helped me get through it.
Today is a new day and I’m happy to say, I’m feeling much better.
I know this is a process, a journey…just parts of it, arn’t so much fun at all.
I just need to remember, as so many of you reminded me, those tough times do pass, and they will make sure I have lots of wonderful times to celebrate.
With love and gratitude


12 thoughts on “A New Day :)

  1. Maggie holden says:

    I so happy you feel better today. Your messages are am inspiration, and luckily I do not have personal experience, but you must super inspire those who have been through of are going through this. Hope to see you in september, stay strong!!!

  2. Christine Lasky says:

    Randy, so glad today is a better day for you. You are a warrior, as are the many who have gone through this before you. You are amazing, we send you a big hug this weekend from all of us at The Princess Margaret 🙂

  3. Maria Fera says:

    Stay Strong Randy xo

  4. Linda Davies says:

    Randy, thank you for allowing us to walk through this journey with you and to see your courage and strength – and trust me – admitting to the down days takes a strength of its own.
    You have amazing friends and family and don’t be afraid to borrow their strength when you need it.

  5. Karen Adams says:

    Randy- Stay strong. Rest your body! Let those blood cells multiply! Hearing today is a better day is wonderful news! Keep on fighting. Hugs,

  6. theressa osborne says:

    Just reading your updates now Randy. Thank you for being you and posting everything that you are going through. So enlightening for us and in turn so therapeutic for you. Keep fighting the good fighting the good fight and feel all of us behind you.

  7. Beth Shore says:

    How sad I was to read about your last few days but so encouraged to read about your re-entry to this positive space.
    You are an amazing woman and thank you to sharing your good but tough days with all of us.
    I did have a little cry for you,your Mother and myself. We are all strong women and are fighting everyday to stay healthy and positive.
    The fight is always there but we will continue to keep fighting.
    Beth Shore

  8. Jackie Barwin says:

    Stay strong Randy…you can do it! This is just a bump in the road on the path to getting that clean bill of health when your treatments are through. Sending hugs, Jackie

  9. sarah worth says:

    you are a true inspiration, it is for people like you why I love to fund-raise for cancer. Keep smiling, and Thank you for sharing your story.

  10. Howard Cable says:

    It’s Lori Fox Rossi here (editor of Howard’s blog, so hence the under Howard’s ID).
    I know that words cannot make any of this go away, but I just wanted to say how much I admire you. You are a loving, giving, beautiful human being who has contributed so much to the world. You are one brave lady — and you WILL beat this! I’m thinking about you and wishing you well.
    Lori xo

  11. Alison Mershon says:

    You are an inspiration and I am proud to know you!

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