Getting ready for tomorrow

I had a great appointment with the Oncologist today. My blood counts were perfect, and I’m good to go for tomorrow.

I also had great news yesterday. As many of you know, my daughter Carly is going to Israel this summer to represent Canada at Maccabiah in Woman’s Artistic gymnastics. Before everything happened with me, Richard, Hailey and myself were planning on making it a family vacation. Cancer put a hitch in that plan. I couldn’t imagine not being able to be there for Carly, to watch her compete in this once in a lifetime event for her. But without insurance, how could I go, did I take a chance? The administrator of our plan at work found me a company that specializes specifically in travel insurance for people in compromised health situations…and they will insure me!!!! I’m beyond elated, I almost cried when I spoke with the person on the phone.
Thanks to my brother Wayne, I have a ticket, and will be able to join my family in Israel. They will go earlier, and Wayne will fly with me so that I can be there in time for when she competes.

On a sadder note, a few days ago, Elana Waldman passed away. I had been following Elana’s story on Chatelaine, and many of my friends knew her. She was only 40, and leaves behind a young daughter. Elana had Ovarian Cancer, and battled and advocated so hard. She was taken far to early. What I didn’t know was that she literally lived down the street from me. Cancer isn’t fair, and plays no favourites, and it’s something that really hits home. I wish her family strength during this difficult time. I recommend you google her video blogs on the Chatelaine site. She was a remarkable woman, and her legacy will live on.


9 thoughts on “Getting ready for tomorrow

  1. jane says:

    congratulations on the good news in this message……you are so lucky to have such good care at the hospital…..when I had to go for my blood tests, it was done in the lab and I just arrived the next day at the chemo ward and was told yes or no…..but of course I live in a very rural area….so the care is nothing like in the city….on the second part of the message….yes cancer is not fair and has no favourites……sometimes it is very hard for me to digest that part of life…..anyway randy……you are awesome……and I wish you all the best ….. (how many treatments do you have to go have) 🙂

    • randymellon says:

      Thanks so much Jane. Yes, I am fortunate to live close to Princess Margaret Cancer Hospital. and yes, cancer can be very cruel.
      I have 6 chemo’s in total. the first 3 being a different drug than the last 3. I will get a break from treatment in Sept, then radiation. I will also be on Herceptin for a year. As my daughter Carly said..”Mom, they got the cancer, now it’s all to make sure it doesn’t come back…it’s a year, only a year…we can do this!”

  2. Pauline J. Postill says:

    so sorry for the loss of your friend Randy… but what a wonderful gift of you being able to get insured to have that family vacation…… what a wonderful experience that will be for all of you:) all the best tomorrow hugs!!

  3. deneen says:

    so glad you can go!!! xoxoxoxoxod

  4. Louise says:

    As we discussed, I am so happy you will be able to go and put the worries aside regarding insurance etc. I know you would have gone either way but this is a relief to not have to be concerned about that. It is very sad that so many young women like Elana are losing their battles to this horrible disease, its not fair and shouldn’t be happening. . I am just so glad they found yours so early and are being so proactive with your treatment. Yes it will be crappy but as you said its only 1 year!!! Time moves so fast as we age, it will be all over before you know it!! Tale care ((Hugs)) see you tomorrow!

  5. Jennifer Tomlinson says:

    That is great news! What great brother you have! I wish I could be in Israel to watch her compete! I will settle for constant updates on Facebook! I hope you get back from Israel to find out you are in the top 8!!!

  6. Louise says:

    So happy that you can join your family and be there to cheer Carly on! Awesome news, Randy 🙂

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