My treatment plan

sorry about the mass email, but it was the easiest way for me to let you all know what was going on with me.
and quite honestly, I just don’t feel like talking about it over and over right now.
It’s a lot of info and I’m alittle overloaded right now.

As you know I met with the Oncologist today.
I do have to have chemo. what i don’t know yet is what type, how many, or how long.
At the appointment today, they had still not completely decided on what the the chemo would be.

what we do know is that I was progestron receptor negative
estrogen receptor is 1% positive, and thus is considered negative
HER2 status was still inconclusive after a second test.
Please understand that being negative is not necessarily what is the better of the two, it just defines how they treat me.
with all this in mind, along with the size of the tumour, etc, they calculate a 20% chance or reoccurance within the first 5 years, so it’s chemo they recommend followed by radiation to bring that % down

So the Oncologist is meeting with her collegues in the Oncology department on Monday as they always do, and she will be bringing up my case with the team, and decide what the course of action is. seems I don’t fit into one concise bucket and it truly will be a personalized treatment cocktail.
She is also going to discuss the HER 2 with the Pathologist.

what she also told me is that I am probably not a candidate for Tamoxifan, but could be for Herceptin if my HER2 came back postive, but that is something that happens after chemo is done.
As far as how many, how aggressive etc, I won’t know that until I meet with her again on
April 25.
She is thinking every 3 weeks, for 4-6 rounds, but that could change.
That means that after i meet with her on April 25, I could start Chemo on April 26.
and going forward, I meet with her on Thursdays when she will do a consult and blood work, and have chemo on Fridays.
again, I don’t know anymore details.

We talked about Israel this summer and she didn’t see any reason for me not to go for at least a week, other than if I was not feeling well.
no one knows how one will be on chemo, or how they will tolerate it
I do know I will lose my hair for sure within about 10 days of my first treatment.

Before that I have to get some preliminary tests done, ECG, CT Scan

So there you have it. Not much more I can tell you at this time.
The only thing I do know is that I will need some help getting to and from the Dr. appointments, chemo and radiation. Richard has been wonderful, but he has to work, and can’t always be there, and honestly, he needs a break from this as well at times.
It’s been very overwhelming for both of us, and although we are really coping well. we know that the next 6-9 months won’t be fun at all.
I am going to try and work as much as I can, as not working won’t work for us from many perspectives, emotional and financial. But I promise I won’t be a hero, and will take the time I need if I need it.
so, I’ll let you know when you can sign up 🙂
Seriously, thanks everyone for everything.



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